Mrs Nivedita Badve



‘Mrs Nivedita Badve’ is teaching in two renowned Educational Institutes since last two years.

She is regularly performing pure classical dance form as well as Indian folk dance styles in private dance oriented shows.

Apart from Bharatanatyam she performs and teaches different Indian folk dance forms Like ‘Lavani’ from Maharashtra, Guarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi etc.

Nadabrahma Nrityalaya

Mrs Nivedita Badve continues the tradition of teaching Bharatanatyam since year 2010 under the name “Nadabrahma Nrityalaya”, which was originally formed by her great Guru late ‘Shri Ujwal M. Bhole’. Thus with his permission and all blessings she is giving very honest efforts to keep her Guru’s tradition and foremost dream alive and keeps it going ahead. This is a genuine tribute to her most respected & great Guru late ‘Shri Ujwal M. Bhole’.

A/305, Varun co. op. hsg. society,
DSK Vishwa, Dhayari, Sinhagad road, Pune, 411041.
Mobile +91 9922431821