Nadabrahma Nrityala

Nadabrahma Nrityala is a dancing shool, founded by Sri Ujwal M. Bhole. in 1993. (The sound of dance and music is the supreme energy).

Lesson are given in a very pleasant and inspiring environment of the house of Shri and Sau Bhole in Lonavala. Students are invited to take lessons there, in the case of need, two comfortable rooms are ready for guests just in the proximity of the dancing floor. Moreover, Shree Ujwal M. Bhole used to visit Europe regularly every half a year to give lessons of bharatanatyam and yoga.

The Nadabrahma Nrityala school is linked to the Gandharva Maha Vidyalya University near to Kollapur. Students can apply for exams and after passing them, they can obtain the title B.C. (Bachelor) in dance.

Shree Ujwal M. Bhole passed away 5th December 2010. His wife Sau Jyothi U. Bhole keeps running the school and is open to new students, both Indian and foreign. Jyothi U. Bhole continues in kathak lessons, bharatanatyam is taught by Shree Ujwal Bhole's most advanced student, now a professional dancer, Nivedita Badve. Both are open to give lessons abroad as well.