Performance in the Cultural Center Rubín, Brno, Autumn 2009.

Performance in the Municipal Library, Prague, spring 2009.

Seminar in Prague, May 2009



Among students

Among students



Rest for a while...

Common lunch (left). Who is this dead body? (right)


Prague 2008

Competition Miss Orient in the Blaník theatre: getting ready (Michal, Ujwal, Jana; left), jury (Ujwal and Michal, right).

Michal and Jana - students in Prague.

Performance in Prague, spring 2008.

Ujwal and Jana (left).

Ujwal's solo dance.

Left: Czech version of a garland, made of dandelions - gift from his students.

Lonavla 2008

Nivedita, the most advanced student of Ujwal.

Bhavika, the most advanced student of Jyothi.

The smallest students: Morning prayer for Ganesh (left).

Ujwal Bhole with family and students after a performance (right): from left: daughter Hemangi, Sitthi, wife Jothy, Tanya.

A group picture after the performance.

Seminar at a village, autumn 2008



Breakfast - tough mornings

Breakfast - tough mornings

Group pictures


Prague 2007

Competition Miss Orient 2007 - Ujwal's solo dance.

Lonavla 2007

Common performance of Ujwal and Jyothi.

Ujwal's performance.

Jyothi's performance.

Stage rehearsal with students. Left: Ujwal with bharatanatyam, right: Jyothi with kathak.

Jyothi with her students.

Students waiting for a performance of their colleagues (left).

The smallest students: Swarajati (right).

Chennai 2007

Nakupování v Chennai, vpravo: přísná majitelka obchodu.

Vlevo: výběr tyčinek před chrámem, vpravo: motto v Kalakshetře.


Prague 2006

Competition Miss Orient 2006 - Ujwal's solo dance.

Competition Miss Orient 2006 - Ujwal and Michal.

Competition Miss Orient 2006 - right: TV interview.

November seminar.

November seminar.