in Prague

In Prague, the lessons were led by The Master of traditional dance Bharatanatyam Shri Ujwal M. Bhole. He used to come to Prague since 2003, twice a year. The lessons for public used to run since June, 2006. The last one took place at spring 2010. That time, Shri Ujwal M. Bhole was already fighting with cancer.

Now, the tradition continues with Shri Bhole's most advanced disciples and the most natural choice - Nivedita Badve. Her first tour to Europe is planned for November 2012, she intends to come every half a year. Michal Mach keeps the structure: he has regular lessons every week, and twice a year, he organizes the intense seminar (at the spring and at the autumn).

Delegates of Shri Ujwal M. Bhole and Nivedita Badve in Prague are Michal Mach and Jana Brotánková.


There are regular lessons led by the most advanced student Michal Mach. At present, a regular course for advanced are running. A seminar with Kirti Ramgopal (August 2012) and Nivedita Badve (November 2012) are planned - see our news

In the case of request, we can open a new beginners course or organize a week-end seminar.

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